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Do Not Buy Website Maintenance Service Before Reading This!

Do you need Website Maintenance Service?

It depends.

There are more than 1 billion websites on the world wide web.

Millions of them are ghost-towns.

They are not visited by anyone, not even by its owner.

There are different types of websites. Let’s look at the business websites. We can divide business websites into two categories.

  • Website for offline business
  • Website for online business

Either it’s an offline or online business, it needs a website to survive or thrive in this age.

People are increasingly turning towards online to find the service they need.

It’s mandatory that you need a website for your business.

But do you need to maintain it with the latest updates, bug fixes, software, etc.?

Let’s look at the reason why Google likes the recently updated sites than ghost-town sites.

Google makes money by helping the regular Joe find what he wants.

He is their main customer. Google wants to make him happy.

There is a small town in the middle of nowhere.

There are only 2 plumbers in that town.

Tom and Jerry!

Both are excellent plumbers and have 15 years of experience under their belts.

However, Tom has hired a Website Maintenance Company to maintain his site.

The company keeps the site up to date with the latest software,  bug-fixes, plugins, etc.

They make sure the website content is updated regularly with blog posts, articles so that it improves the website’s onsite SEO.

They fix all the broken links, add/update text and images, add new pages, make sure the website loads faster, etc.

They also ensure the site loads faster so that the customer has a better viewing experience.

They take care of onsite SEO with the good Title tags, Header tags, Meta Description, etc.

However, Jerry is an old school guy.

He got the website. But there is no one to maintain it.

It’s a ghost town.

He himself hasn’t visited the site in years.

He thinks, “If we build it, people will come“.

Unbeknownst to him, it doesn’t work this way when it comes to a website.

You need to nurture, maintain and grow it to get the website traffic you need.

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Now, Google with its omnipotent algorithm tries to find the best match for the average Joe when he searches for a plumber.

Who do you think it’s going to list first?

Of course, Tom’s website is going to rank high in the search result.

The reason is simple.

Here is how Google thinks.

If the site is being continuously maintained and is up to date with all the latest software, plugins, bug-fixes, it probably has the latest and relevant data and details the average Joe is looking for.

If Tom’s site has more pages than Jerry’s site, then, it’s all the more reason for Google to rank Tom’s site higher than Jerry’s site.

Due to more number of pages, Tom’s site will rank for more keywords.

This will get the site more visitors.

So, if your objective is to get more traffic to your site, improve your business and profit more, then, you definitely need a good Website Maintenance Service.

A good Website Maintenance Company will keep your interest in their minds and will do the needful to get the traffic you deserve.

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