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Web Design Oakland creates beautiful websites for its clients.

An ugly and complex website can bleed money.

It will not bring you the organic traffic you expect to get.

Even if you get PAID traffic, you can’t convert the visitors to customers.

They will turn away looking at the complex layout, ugly design, small fonts, slow loading time, etc.

Some of the sites may not have the phone number displayed on the site.

However, the business may be phone-call driven such as Towing, Gardening, Pool Maintenance, etc.

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Businesses should pay paramount attention to how good the site is.

A bad website can hurt your business.

A good website can help your business.

Pop-up advertisements and flamboyant ads will be a big turn-off for the visitors.

Loading speed of websites is very important.

Visitors don’t have the patience to wait and see the page.

It’s way easier for them to click away.

Design layout should be user-friendly and should be easy to navigate.

Visitors shouldn’t be fumbling around looking for the menus, phone number, email, etc.

Many businesses spend thousands of dollars on PAID ads.

They don’t realize that the moment they stop spending money on ads, they will stop getting the visitors.

Businesses should invest their time and money on getting organic traffic which is more sustainable and more cost-efficient in the long run.

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Web Design Oakland incorporates onsite SEO in all our website designs.

  • Mobile-friendly websites are a must. Google penalizes the sites that are not mobile-friendly.
  • Internal linking of web pages is very important for search engines. We will make sure the web pages are interlinked.
  • If the existing site has 404 pages, we will redirect them.
  • We will implement Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml files which will help the crawlers during the indexing process.
  • We will optimize the images so that it takes less time to load and take less space.
  • We will optimize the Page Title to have keywords in it.