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Fremont Website Design was founded in 2007.

We have helped hundreds of small businesses to have an online presence.

Having an online presence has become an essential part of running any business.

Some of the businesses need to have an online presence only.

They don’t need to have an offline presence.

We recently built a website for a Photo Booth Rental service.

Website Hosting
Website Hosting

They have only online presence. They don’t have store-front.

I would say, a website is one of the greatest digital assets a business could have.

It also saves a ton of money for the businesses.

They don’t have to lease the place, no employees to work in the store, no maintenance related charges such as electric bills, insurance for the place, etc.

A website is an underrated asset.

At Fremont Website Design, here are some of the onsite SEO we implement as we develop the sites for our clients.

  • Make sure the website pages have keywords in them.
  • The website is mobile-friendly.
  • The website uses the latest coding technology so that it loads and runs faster.
  • Use of Header Tags such as H1, H2, H3, etc.
  • Use of Title tag with the keywords in it.
  • Detailed description tag with keywords in it.
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