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Pay Per Lead


$1000 (10 Leads. $100 Per Lead)
  • Live Calls From Real Clients
  • Exclusive Calls Only
  • Pay Only For Valid Calls
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Generated Through Google Ads
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Contracts


  • Highly recommended ! Awesome service price and creativity ! No need to look any further than sfobayarea web designers.

    Wayne Parker Avatar Wayne Parker
  • Outstanding service. Reasonable rates. Completed challenging assignments, excelled beyond measure, satisfied special requests in timely fashion. Friendly, fair, a consummate professional, a team player I recommend for any business... so much I insisted he imbed BAY AREA DESIGN on my Home Page. He is definitely onboard as my Content Manager for future upgrades for my site.

    James McFarland (The McFarland Channel) Avatar James McFarland (The McFarland Channel)
  • Very professional and timely. Over exceeded my expectations. Anbu always kept in touch and updated me of every single changes made. Definitely recommended!!

    Atin Sidhu Avatar Atin Sidhu
  • Anbu was fantastic anticipated everything I needed used limited content in a manner that makes web visitors say wow! & completed in lightening speed few edits done immediately! Great price & 100% satisfaction.

    Felicia Davis Avatar Felicia Davis
  • Thank you so much for making this as easy as possible for us. We wanted a professional website and you delivered that and more. I loved that you kept us up to date throughout the process and gave us your professional feedback as you designed our website to attract customers. We will continue to use you for updates and marketing and look forward to working with you more.

    Danny Walker Avatar Danny Walker

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Should I Choose Bay Area Web Design?
We have more than 11 years of experience offering our Digital Marketing Services to our clients. We have a well-experienced team of Digital Marketers, Developers and Designers to support our clients.

2. How does this work?
We advertise your business on major search engines and local directories, capturing people who are actively searching for services that you offer.  We never use telemarketing to solicit customers.  We constantly optimize your campaigns and delivers you live, exclusive calls.  Let us take on the risk of advertising and do all the work to generate phone calls for you.

3. What’s a valid call?

Valid leads are calls or email inquiry or text message or voice mail from people who are searching for the specific services you offer. These leads may not be limited to an inquiry or a discussion of services you offer, the territory in which you offer your service, scheduling of service calls, price, etc.  Invalid leads include inquiry from someone who is seeking your service outside of your service area, a job seeker, a marketing company or someone looking for a service you don’t offer.

4. How do I cancel the plan?

You can cancel anytime by calling or emailing us. If you cancel the service, the remaining unused funds will be refunded to you.

5. Will you give the lead to other businesses?

No. The leads are exclusive to your business only.  We don’t give the lead to any other business.

6. What is the minimum number of leads can you provide?

The minimum number of leads we can provide is 10. Each lead costs $100.

7. What if you couldn’t get 10 leads for us?

If we couldn’t get all the 10 leads for you and you want to cancel it, we will refund the unused funds back to you.

8. How do you generate calls?

Using our years of experience in Digital Marketing, we can very efficiently and precisely target consumers on major search engines, local directories, websites, etc.  We are able to take on the risk of paying for clicks and impressions on these sites because we continually optimize campaigns so that we can bill you just for the phone calls you receive from the campaigns we have set up for your business.  This allows you to reduce your own risk and speak to each person that we send to you, giving you more opportunity to personally sell your business.

9. How do the phone calls work?

Once we have started a campaign for you, you will begin to receive live phone calls.  Callers dial a call tracking number we have established for your business which is immediately redirected to your business phone number.  We do not speak to the callers or send you email leads.  If you happen to not answer the phone, or your phone line is busy, we allow the caller to leave a voice message or send you a text message.

10. What kind of reporting do I receive?

You will receive a call report at the end of the month.

11. Do you record calls?

Yes, all calls are recorded.  We use call tracking numbers that seamlessly direct callers to your phone number and allow us to track all the information pertaining to the call, including an audio recording of the conversation.  We listen to the recording of each call to determine whether or not it should be billed.

12. Do you talk to the callers?

No, we do not intercept calls except for times when you may not answer the phone.  In those cases, we will follow-up with a voicemail or text message to make sure you don’t miss the call.  We also never do telemarketing of any kind.

13. Why am I being billed for Text messages and Voice Mails?

In order to get the most out of our service, we strongly recommend that you designate someone to always answer the phone during your business hours.  If you do miss a call, however, we don’t want you to miss a potentially good opportunity, so we will allow the caller to leave a voice mail or send you a text message.  If the caller is looking for a service you offer and states that in the text message or voice mail, we will still consider it a valid and billable call.

14. I don’t feel that a call I was billed for is valid – Can I get a refund?

If you feel a lead should not have been billed, please let us know and we will review the lead again.  You should only be billed for valid leads.