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 Website maintenance fees: How much is too much?

Your job is not over just by creating the website. The truth is that every website owner needs to bear a cost of maintaining the website.

Website maintenance is generally of two kinds. The first is maintaining the code of the website, the code that enables your site to work and display.

The other type of website maintenance involves updating the content of your website on a regular basis.

There are too many companies that offer Website Maintenance Services with varying degree of services fees.

How much is too much? Which company to choose to maintain your website?

Mentioned below are the 2 different systems of payment.

  1. a) Pay as you go system of payment

The pay as you go system of website maintenance can make changes and add details on the websites. This system charges an hourly rate of 120 dollars. Some web maintenance companies charge per quota having a cap of 30 minutes.

For instance, if a project or a minor change takes 30 minutes or less than 30 minutes, then the amount that they are going to charge will be 60 dollars.

  1. b) Fixed cost per month system of payment

The fixed cost plans of web maintenance enable clients to save their money. These plans are an incredible way to save money for existing campaigns of content marketing.

If your website requires regular maintenance, then the plan of fixed charges will be very beneficial for you.

Updating previous information, adding fresh pages, and sending out e-mail newsletters, redesigning the website, etc. can be done with fixed monthly programs of maintenance.

Here are some of the monthly support plans we offer.

  • Standard Plan: In this plan, we charge $500 for 10 hours of maintenance work. That’s around $50 per hour.
  • Deluxe Plan: In this plan, we charge $750 for 15 hours of maintenance work.
  • Premium Plan: In this plan, we charge $1000 for 20 hours of maintenance work.

You can choose one of these plans that fit your website requirements.

$50 to $75 per hour is a nominal fee to maintain a website by any reputable company, provided they do a good job of maintaining your site in a timely manner.

Some companies charge more than $100 per hour. That’s an exorbitant amount of money for website maintenance.


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