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Like your material and non-material possessions, your website needs to be maintained. Every now and then, it craves for attention and wants some love. Following are some of the things we can do as part of a website management.

1. Update or delete certain features

2. Add certain extra features to the current website.

3. Make the site to function better

1. Update or Delete Certain Features

Website Management could be a minor update or deletion of certain features. It could be as small as updating the phone number or email id on the site. Or it could be removing the image from the site.

Recently, one of our clients asked us to add Google Map integration on the site. Another client wanted us to add Capcha to the contact form.

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2. Add Certain Extra Features To The Current Site

It could be any new feature. Google is very particular about sites being mobile-optimized and mobile-responsive. So, we get a lot of requests to make the site mobile-optimized.

Some of our clients want to add Blog to their current websites. Or it could be adding a new page to the current site. Whatever may be the new addition, as part of our Website Management Service, we take care of it to our clients’ 100% satisfaction.

3.Make The Site To Function Better

One of the most common issues with the sites is, “It is very slow”. We make the site faster by making certain tweaks. There could be several factors that cause this slowness.

One of the most common factors is, heavy usage of images and videos. The images and videos that are big take time to load which slows the site. We can optimize the images and videos so that it doesn’t take a long time to load. In some cases, it could be due to the outdated software used to design the site. In these cases, we just need to use the revised and updated¬†software that will speed up the performance.

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