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At Web Design San Francisco, we are proud of developing some of the beautiful websites.

Online presence is very important for any business, especially small business.

Website needs to be beautiful in order to increase the conversion.

A good website will save you thousands of dollars in advertising fees.

One of our clients has spent thousands of dollars in advertising and still couldn’t get the kind of business he hoped for.

This was mainly because of poor website design.

The website was not user-friendly and was hard to navigate.

We had to redesign the site from scratch to make it more beautiful and user-friendly.

He was able to double his business within 2 months and he didn’t have to spend any money on Pay-Per-Click ads.

At Web Design San Francisco, we incorporate onsite SEO as we design the websites.

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Some of the onsite SEO techniques we deploy are,

  • Optimize the images so that it takes less space and load fast.
  • Use Keywords in the Title Tag.
  • Use H1 and H2 Header Tags
  • Make sure the pages are inter-linked so that the crawlers can easily reach every page on the site.
  • Set up Sitemap for the crawlers to read.
  • Set up Robots.txt file