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Websites Designing

3 Phases of Web Design

1. Gathering the requirements

2. Finalizing the right web design

3. Creating the web design

1. Gathering The Requirements

This is the most important phase of website design. The website designer should spend more time gathering the requirements than any other phase of the website design.

Some of the questions a website designer would ask are,

– What kind of website is this? Personal or Business website?

– Is this a Static Website, Dynamic Website?

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Statis Website is a site that doesn’t change. What you see is what you get. Static site is usually written in HTML.

Dynamic website changes depending on the certain input. These sites have server site scripts and are usually written in PHP, ASP, JSP or ColdFusion. Depending on the user’s input
the site will display different result. The site may pull the data from the database. For example, is a dynamic website. It brings out the result set depending our our search term.

– If it’s a business site, what’s the owner’s business model? Is he selling any product or service? Or he wants to earn money through ads such as Google Adsense.

– If he is selling products/services, does he need Credit Card Processor capabilities?

– Does he want to manage his own content by using a Content Management System?

– How many pages does he want? What are those pages?

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2. Finalizing The Right Web Design

Each one is different. What the designer thinks as a great design may not be a great design for the site owner. So, it’s preferred if the site owner comes up with some inspirational sites.

The designer will have a better idea of what the site owner wants from the inspirational site. The designer can come up with his own sets of inspirational sites and can show them to the site owner. Once the site owner selects the design he likes, the designer can start his work.

3. Creating The Web Design

This is where the designer starts working on creating his magic. He needs to get the right tool for the job. He needs to decide which coding language is perfect for this particular website.

He needs to understand the various functionalities of the site and how the site flows from one page to the other. A good web designer will make the site visually appealing and at the same time user-friendly.

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A good site is a site that’s very intuitive and is easy to access without fumbling for the buttons or icons.

At SFO Bay Area Web Design, our designers are expert in carrying out each phase of the website design. They usually deliver the projects well ahead of the due date. Contact us for your website design needs and give us a chance to help you with your dream website.