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5 Keys to Turning Website Visitors into Paying Customers

If your website isn’t effective at turning visitors into customers, then it really doesn’t matter if your website shows up on the first page of Google or if thousands of people go to your website each day.

Here are 5 keys to converting website visitors into customers.

1) Include a large heading that immediately lets people know that they’re in the right place—so they don’t leave!

When someone comes to your website, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention before they leave.

You need to have a large heading that will catch their attention and immediately tell them that they’re in the right place— that you can provide the services or products they need.

2) Include a call-to-action so that potential customers know exactly what to do next.

If potential customers can’t figure out how to take the next step quickly, they’ll leave your website and be gone forever.

Include a call-to-action (such as “call for a free estimate” or “request a quote”) and visible contact information at the top of your website to make sure potential customers know exactly what to do next.

3) Tell potential customers why they should choose you.

Your website visitors may also be considering contacting your competitors. So, it’s extremely important that you make a case for why they should contact you and do business with you specifically.

4) Build trust by looking authentic and providing proof.

In order to build trust with your potential customers, you need to do two things.

First, you need to make your business look real and authentic with things like real photos (as opposed to generic stock photos) and detailed information about your business.

Second, you need to provide proof that you offer high-quality services with things like testimonials, case studies, and reviews.

All of this can go a long way to convincing people to actually fill-out your contact form or pick up the phone to call you.

5) Make sure that your website works on smartphones and tablets.

These days, almost 50% of the people who visit your website won’t be using a computer. They’ll either be using a smartphone (such as an iPhone) or a tablet (such as an iPad).

Websites that haven’t been specifically optimized to be “mobile-friendly” can be very difficult (or even impossible) to use on these other devices.

Make sure that your website works on smartphones and tablets. Otherwise, you might be missing out on 50% of the potential leads and customers that your website could be generating.

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